Embroidered Eggs, Dinosaur Maze, and an Easter Basket Work In Progress Wednesday #11

I’ve been working on some fabric eggs to photograph in my crochet baskets. I found a great free tutorial online for sewing fabric eggs. If you want to sew some larger than average eggs (more of a goose egg size) then this works great! These would make super fun kid rattles with a bell on the inside!  Only problem for me is that the eggs I need are for the purpose of helping people see the size of my baskets. I’m concerned that having larger eggs will make the baskets look smaller than they actually are. So I’m thinking I may need to make my own pattern which is slightly smaller and a bit more eggy shaped.

I’ve been playing with embroidery this week as well! I absolutely love this Doodle Stitching book on embroidery! It’s full of inspiring ideas as well as simple explanations of basic embroidery stitches to use. I thought I could use the backs of the eggs I’m making to embroider something the kids like so they could keep them after I’ve photographed with them. Of course sweet pea asked for princess themed ideas and Tigger asked for Star Wars. So I’m still thinking through the Star Wars!

I’m also working on a fun new Easter basket idea. I’ve noticed that lots of Easter baskets are striped and/or textured so I thought it could be fun to try to make a basket pattern with stripes and bobbles. Here’s a sneak peak at what I’m working on. Hope I can finish it by Friday to show you!  I updated some basket photos in my Etsy shop over the last week and I’ve added a buy 3 of ANY pattern for $12 listing!  So have fun!

I got a fun request through my Etsy shop this week for a t-rex marble maze.  Sounded fun so I’m working on the design.  Here’s my sketch in process!

Sharing with the other work in progress crafty folks at Frontier Dreams.


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