New Sensory Design – Hair Fidgets for Hair Playing Girls

purple 1With the start of a new year I’m cranking it out with some new sensory designs. Here’s a sneak peek at some of my latest… hair fidgets.  Why might someone need a hair fidget?  These collections of yarns and ribbons are designed for girls who play with and use their hair as a sensory tool.

multi 2




Hair playing is often not a problem but can become one if hair becomes a chew toy.  These hair bling clips are for girls to play with as added texture and possibly something to touch instead of just curls.  Hair fidgets…who would have thought?!

I’ve listed 4 so far in my Etsy shop but have another few to photo and list.  Hoping they make some girls smile!



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I'm a crochet designer who loves to look for and be part of creating beauty. I'm a wife of 15 years and Mom to two dear children. My interests include crochet (making and designing), sewing, embroidery, wet felting, needle felting, growing as a Mom and helping my husband live through law school!
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4 Responses to New Sensory Design – Hair Fidgets for Hair Playing Girls

  1. geezee says:

    I never thought of these. My daughter would twist her hair into massive knots. Glad she outgrew it, but this would have been a brilliant help.

  2. Sylviac says:

    I love this idea! My 14 year old has gotten into that habit so I need to check these out! Very clever – thanks!

  3. Connie Hanks says:

    What a fantastic idea! You are definitely going to make some little girls quite happy and stylish, too : )

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